Villa Mamas is a grander version of Roaya Saleh’s home. Here, she uses local, seasonal, fresh and organic ingredients in her cooking with a promise to feed your senses. Food is one of the most heartfelt expressions of tradition, history and culture. With each dish, Roaya tells her stories.

Her cooking is founded in the flavours of her childhood: summers spent on her farm, working with her mother and grandmother in the kitchen to carefully wash and slice herbs, vegetables and fruit, watching as their quick, skilled hands prepared each dish with knowledge, experience and love passed through the generations.

Inspired by these young memories and her travels throughout the Middle East and India, she opened Villa Mamas in 2012 in the Saar district of Bahrain as an extension of her own kitchen. Founded in a tradition of local, seasonal ingredients, Villa Mamas continues to support and champion growers and farmers in Bahrain.

Villa Mamas London opened its doors in September 2017 to share the warmth of khaleeji food and hospitality with an international audience.

In December 2020, Villa Mamas Abu Dhabi opens as the third and latest branch, the first in the UAE.

~Food is one of the most heartfelt and authentic expressions of tradition, history and culture. To share a meal is to share who we are with others, to tell a story and, at the same time, create new traditions and friendships.~